Monday, October 12, 2015

Blue Skies & Sunny Days

See how cute Buddy is?

In the meditation chair.
Altho we had a dreary-ish Saturday, for  the most part, the weather has been loverly! Here's Reggie sunbathing on the back porch:
Washed out afternoon photo:

Blue skies!

Here's Buddy:

Reggie comes to join him:

Time for yoga: 

Frog Pose.

Where's Bingo? Under the kitchen table:

Another Buddy spot on the porch:

I haven't trimmed that bush-tree because Buddy likes it.

 Noisy helicopter:


Bed time: Buddy all nestled on my pillow.


Buddy all Roo-Roo! at the neighbors:

I was sitting on the steps, eating an apple. Reggie coming over to me, being brave:

Buddy, digging a hole:

I was loading up the recycling in the back of my car. Any time the dogs see the back of the car going up, they think they're going for a ride to Mama Rita's! So they were all excited. I kept them occupied by feeding them their dinner. I grabbed my purse and headed out and who sneaked behind me before I closed the door? Buddy! NAUGHTY! He was heading over to the neighbor's, but fortunately I was able to get him. He's a bit more obedient now--especially because I've been bribing him with yummy treats! Back into the house we went; the dogs disappointed that we weren't loading up for a ride.

Speaking of Rita, I was talking to Chiro-Sis on the phone and telling her how Rita's the only other person that Reggie likes. And that Rita LOVES Reggie and is so sweet with him. So I started imitating Rita when she calls Reggie. "Reggieeeee . . . Reggie boyeeeeee . . . ." And in trots Reggie with a look of confusion on his face. Hahahaha  Later, I was in the kitchen,  recounting this story to John Morgan. Reggie comes to the back door from being outside. He cocked his head to one side, like, "What's going on? You sound just like my other mommy!" So funny!  I'll have to get it on video. 

Well, that's all our news. We're enJOYing this awesome Autumn weather!  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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