Monday, August 3, 2015

Doggie Monday

View Out the Window

Here's Bingo:

The dogs all like to rest their noses thru the slats. Unfortunately the only way to get a photo of this angle is thru the window!

And here's Reggie:
 It looks like he's watching something; look at that furrowed brow!

Beagle Boy Buddy

Under my desk in the office:

Outside on the back deck:

Watching fireflies & listening to frogs . . . 

I think he was watching the mail truck in this photo:

But then the truck kept going; NOT coming down the driveway with doggy treats.

*sigh*  No treats.
 Buddy bunches up the T.U. rug and then spoons:

Here he is again having been all nesty with the rug:

This morning:
 See Tabby Bobcat on the other side of the window? I think he doesn't bother scratching at the door. He just thinks, "Meh. Buddy will announce my arrival."

And here he waits for me to open the door for Tabby:

 And that's all the pix I have for this week. I know, right? I'm slacking. But I'm going to show you my dog journal, because having a blog isn't enough!

This is a limited edition, Snoopy Moleskine notebook. It was a birthday prezzie from John Morgan.

Here's the inside:

I put in my favourite pix and then write things down that I want to remember. This is stuff that I'll put in the blog.  

Here's from this past week:

Instead of transcribing it, here you go:

You'll remember these pix of Reggie from last week's post:

And here's Reggie this morning on the porch:
That he doesn't automatically get up and run away when he sees me pointing the camera at him is a minor miracle. He really is doing so well. I think Composure, the doggy anxiety amino acid supplement that I mentioned in last week's post has really helped. It's been a good supplement for Bingo's thunder anxiety and Buddy going out on a rainy night by himself. And Reggie continues to calm down. So, good stuff!  And compared to so many of the other herbal things I've tried, very inexpensive!   HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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