Monday, August 10, 2015

Doggie Monday

We start in the office this week. Well, here's a view out the window:


 Inside, Bingo likes to be under my desk:

Hello, sweet girl:

Then Buddy comes in and gets in the meditation his chair:

 A peek-a-boo from Reggie:

Back out on the deck:

Frog pose:

Reggie & Bingo come out:

Bingo snubs Buddy's hullo:

Back in the office:
More yoga.

And then back out on the deck:

But then Reggie comes out . . . 

. . . to play.
 But then Reggie sees me . . . 

"Nothin' to see here, Mom."
 Here's Bingo in one of her spots:
She can see thru the woods, to a field and across the road from here.
 But then:

And  then:

"Nothin' to see here."

"Oh, lookit. What's this?"

Reggie looking across the road:

But then:

They were just in a playful mood & I happened to capture it!

In the meantime, Bingo:
She's thinking, "Youngsters."

"What's that?"

 Reggie ran off & here's Buddy with tail at half-droop. Perhaps we can call this his "neighbor dog pose." Because he sees the neighbor dog. 

In The Living Room

Buddy loves the new sofa. I've seen Reggie on it, too. But he gets off when I walk in the room. 

Saturday night I had a crafting-with-Remington Steele Fest. And here's Tabby Bobcat who was next to me, and Buddy, curled up on the other side:

Of course I woke them taking the photo. Tabby is purring. Reminds me of when he used to curl up next to Maggie. So sweet.  :-)

This Morning

I put a new box in the dog's toy box. Here's Buddy:

Notice the bone on the bed? Temple Grandin says that animals (and humans, for that matter!) will take new over old, because it's novel and different. Fun to explore.

I'm in the office and it's raining outside. I have my "jazzy brunch music" playing; it's Frank Sinatra Fly Me to the Moon kinda music. Bingo is under my desk with her paw against my foot, snoozing away. Reggie is behind me on the persian rug, and Buddy has nested up the T.U. Rug and:
Zzzzzz . . . . 
All is well at our little Lake House. HAPPY Monday!

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