Monday, September 7, 2015

Doggie Monday

I totally forgot these pix I took with my phone last week . . .

RoRo Vizzie
He was watching a DVD. He told me that the DVD player was old and "the technology is obsolete, but it still works."  He starts kindergarten this week.

 Here's Bingo:

 But then Rowan wanted to be closer to Bingo:
"Belly rubs!"  When Ro was younger, L's & R's were pronounced as W's.
E.g. "Beh-wee Wubs."  So CUTE!


Reggie stays in his crate when Rowan comes over.  And Buddy?  Here's Buddy:

Under the desk with me. :-)

Another day, another frog pose:

Here we are in the office. This is one of Bingo's preferred spots, but Buddy likes to snooze under my desk, too:

Out on the back deck:

Snoopy pose.  Look at the leaves!

Fall is falling.


"Come rub my belly."

This morning, Bingo on the back deck:

Buddy, surveying the perimeter:

Here's Reggie:

This month we have been doing our yearly vet vizzies. Friday I took Buddy. Poor little guy, the last time we went, he had a snip-snip of the family jewels. If we'd all piled into the car, he wouldn't have been so nervous. 

I left his sample by the front door. I was holding him on my hip while trying to keep Bingo and Reggie IN, hold on to Buddy AND-and-and Tabby Bobcat OUT. Such a cat!  PLUS it was raining.
So a bag of poo was the last thing on my mind! When we got to the vet, there was a growly doberman and Buddy was just shaking. But we were whisked into a room and the rest of the visit went OK. Nail clipping was so much easier than with Bingo!  In fact, it was a non-event for Buddy. We got back home and I dropped off Buddy to a doggie reunion, grabbed the sample and headed back to the vet to drop it off. Good times.

Right now, Bingo is stretched out on the Persian rug snoozing. Buddy and Reggie were racing around the deck; up the steps and around and then back down. Around and around they go!  HAPPY Monday!

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