Monday, January 4, 2016

Dog Sitting

I have a visitor this week:
Sweet Bailey is back with me for the week.  :-)
I have known Bailey since she was 9 months old when my friend, Radio Guy, got her. She is now 14 and a sweet, old lady. She's a bit creaky, but ever cheerful. She's managing up and down the steps on the back deck, but I'm taking her out front when it's dark. It's a bit easier to navigate, but she does like to sniff around in the back yard with the other dogs.

Last week, for Christmas I got Reggie & Buddy a Snoopy & Woodstock toy. I didn't have any shots with Snoopy, just Woodstock. Here's Buddy with Snoopy:


And then, of course:

Buddy brings Snoopy back inside, after he's been out in the yard. In the rain. And mud.

 Last week, I think I was remiss in showing any photos of Reggie. Here he was on the sofa. He likes to sit in the corner. I have yet to get a photo, because by the time my camera focuses, he's slinking off:
He's a slinker.
In the boudoir, I had taken the duvet off the bed because it's been so warm. I was going to wash it, but then decided it would be nicer for Bailey to have on the floor. Here's Bingo: 

Bailey goes from the duvet to the T.U. rug below the bed. That's where she's sleeping when I'm in bed. She knows the routine; when I'm brushing my teeth, it's time for bed! All the dogs get settled in. Reggie waits til I'm actually in bed, and then he tiptoes and sleeps next to Bailey. Here's Buddy, all snuggley:

I've gotten some cah-ute photos of Buddy on my phone, but they haven't made it to the laptop. They are out in the internet ethers, because I sent them from my phone, but they've not arrived yet. Anyway, we'll see them next week. In the meantime, here's Buddy:
Sniffin'  'n' diggin'
  Here's Reggie with a milk carton "toy:"

Actually, it's half and half.

After Reggie was finished, Buddy took this back inside and put it on the dog bed. When I came home one night, all four dogs greeted me at the door and Bailey had the half-eaten carton in her mouth to give to me! She's done it a couple times. Either that or she brings me her toy. The other thing that is so cute is that she SMILES when I come home. And she's very waggy; she kept whacking Reggie with her tail. Ha!  Here's one more from the week; Buddy on the lean-back chair, all nesty:

HAPPY Monday (and HAPPY New Year)!    :-) 

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