Monday, July 6, 2015

Doggie Monday

We made it thru the weekend! With the help of passion flower & homeopathic phosphorus, Bingo suffered thru the fireworks. Apparently, being on a lake is just too inviting for my neighbors not to be having a show. I absolutely love fireworks, but I didn't see any because I was with Bingo, keeping her calm. Even so, she was restless and panted through until after midnight on Saturday night. Poor girl. She even came up on the bed again. I think Buddy felt a bit displaced! "She's in my spot!" But he managed to curl up at my feet. She doesn't s-t-r-e-t-c-h out like a bed hog, like he does.

As I write this, I'm perched on the edge of my meditation chair with Buddy curled up behind me. He just let out one of his snuggley little beagle-boy sighs.  Here he is on the T.U. rug, in the hallway just outside the office:
Surrounded by his shredded "toys."
 And here's Bingo, who has taken to sitting under my desk by my feet, most days:

Look at this cuteness:

He sleeps with his tongue sticking out:

Snoopy pose on the back deck:

Buddy is unlike any other dog I've had. He really likes to sit outside and watch the fireflies. It's such an amazing thing. Bingo sits outside, too but she's not so obviously watching anything. I will watch Buddy's head move as he tracks a firefly. It's such a beautiful experience, these summer nights of fireflies, and tree frogs and bull frogs and baby owlettes singing. 

Another one of Buddy's spots:

The other day I watched a deer cross thru the woods in front of my house, so it's not just the cat that the dogs watch. Tail at half-mast again:

Sun bathing:

Mum is going to accuse me of needing to do another new blog of just Buddy, since he is a bit over-represented here!  ;-)

Asleep again with his tongue sticking out, but I woke him:

A very rare appearance from the shedding alpaca, Reggie:

This is just from sitting down:
*le sigh*
Back to Buddy sleeping:

I woke him:

Sort of.

Zzzzzz . . . .


And here's Bingo again, under the desk:

Here are her dew claws on her back legs:

More tongue action whilst sleeping:

Going thru this week's pix, it's apparent that I took a bunch of photos in the same spots; Buddy sleeping in his chair, Bingo under the desk, token photo of Reggie. This is from Sunday afternoon:

 'member last week when I said that Buddy knows when it's nap time because he hears Dave Dobson's voice saying, "All right, let's get comfortable." ?  Well. Bingo has him beat. She heard me take the phone off the hook, and that was her cue to go to her bed in the bedroom. Ha!

Perfect Sunday afternoon! Tea and the dogs are all snoozing; Bingo under my desk, ears pointing up like a bat, Buddy behind me on the chair, dreaming with feet flicking against my kidney, and Reggie on the T.U. rug in the hall. 

All is well. HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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