Monday, July 20, 2015

Doggie Monday

'member when I was in the store with Mum & mused that I could get some dog toys?  And Mum said, "They don't need toys!  They have milk cartons!"  Well:
Or in this case, cream.

Down to the grass:

Here's Reggie:

"No cream container for me?"

He'll have a chew on it after Buddy. That's how they do.

Chew-chew-chew like the old moo cow:

Here's Buddy on the meditation chair:
Not meditating!

In the living room before clean up:

 See how he's sitting?
Like a cat.
 So cute.
He brings all his "toys" onto the dog bed; thus claiming both bed AND toys!
 I walk into the bedroom and here's Buddy with a new place to sleep!
On the T.U. rug half-way under the bed. Later he crawled all the way under--no photo of that, tho.
 Laundry day:


Where's Bingo on this fine Doggie Monday, you may be wondering. Here:

I had moved her boudoir bed out of the bedroom and into the hallway so I could do a proper clean.

Mum and I made a trek to Pioneer Sister's on Saturday; 6 hours in the car round-trip. Anyway, as we were driving down 522, we passed a car that had a Golden Retriever with his head out the window; eye's closed, face in the breeze. Awww. I started to tell Mum and she said, "You just saw a dog."

Me: How did you know?
Mum: You just made your dog sound. 
Me: Dog sound?
Mum: That sound you make when you see a dog.

Hahahaha  Yup.  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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