Thursday, March 24, 2016


To dog rescuers: for the Varina dogs, click HERE.

There's been much research about the importance of an enriched environment and how it affects the brain. I first learned about it from the very brilliant Eric Jensen, when I was doing my Brain-based Learning certification. You want to provide security with routine, what he calls ritual, and also introduce new things; novelty. Temple Grandin says that pigs will choose old phone books when they're first introduced over toys that they have already played with, because they're new and different. The same principle applies to people, of course. That's why it's exciting for Timmy to go over to Tommy's house and play with toys he doesn't have, even tho Timmy is bored with them.

Years ago, when I first went to the  Biology of Belief seminar with the most awesome cell biologist Bruce Lipton, I learned the importance of the environment on health and well-being. So I'm very aware of creating an environment that is stress-free and enhances the lives of my dogs. And the cat. I can't forget the cat--because he won't let me. Ha. Anyway, back to environment and enrichment, I got the dogs a new toy. 

I put it here for them to discover:

Here's Buddy, not noticing it.

"Right there, blood hound."  I was watching Reggie thru the window, sure that he would take it. But he's a bit more cautious . . .  

So then I moved it . . . 

"Right behind you, blood hound."

 Bingo in her spot. She's not into toys or chewing--unless it's something to eat!

Zzzzz . . . .

Zzzzz . . . 

So then I moved it again . . . 

Here's Reggie:

 And then!



"What's that?"

Distracted by the neighbors.

I call him in before the Bark Fest begins. Good boy, Buddy! Thanks for coming when I call you!

Aaaand under the deck he goes! So much for coming when called.


On the dog bed means "mine."

Buddy likes to carry around the squirrel and make it squeak. Reggie got a hold of it and was tearing out its tail. Same toy, different strategies. I'm sure if Snuffy The Black-Nosed Beagle had it, it would be toast. You heard me. TOAST.  

Doggie Monday Returns!

To rescuers: for the photos of the Varina dogs, click HERE.

I downloaded over 700 photos, so these will be photo-heavy posts. (What else is new)? And now to Doggie Monday . . . on Thursday. This answers the question: 

How do beagles sunbathe?

Zzzzzz . . . .

My favourite blanket in the boudoir, from my friend Joy:

Why would I take a photo of it? Because this:

Buddy, all snuggley.

Early in The Morning

 So rare that I get all three in one shot:
I call this shot: "Portrait of a Beagle And
Two Black Blobs, One With Glowing Eyes."
Reggie looking over to the neighbors, Bingo sniffs the air. 

All the dogs were barking. You can't tell, but the neighbor leaves early for work, and they bark at the car lights:

Buddy Roo-Rooing at said car:

Another day on the back porch:

Buddy performing Cat Pose; shot thru kitchen window:

Over by the neighbors; a source of endless entertainment:

I called them to the house. Notice the two obedient black blobs and the beagle who ignores me:

Good job, Buddy! Listening and coming when called!


He was faking obedience. Ha!
Looking over at the other neighbors. I'll be glad when the leaves grow back!
Going to investigate:

In the Living Room

I was watching TV in the lean-back chair with Buddy:

He makes funny moany-groany noises when I try to move him. Like a toddler, not using words to express dismay.

Here's Bingo; looking all battish:

Does not want to be disturbed, but I can't leave the chair reclined like this!

 But here's one last shot:
Zzzzzz . . . . 

Another day, back outside . . . 
Reggie-boy, so handsome!
 Bingo, in one of her spots:

And Buddy. Deja vu all over again! 

 Cat Pose combined with Snoopy Pose.

"What's that?"


At the fence of the neighbors:

Here's Reggie, woofing:

He and Buddy get all excited when neighbor dogs Molly and Dog Who Obeys come outside in their yard. They also have a doxie; Doxie Who Also Obeys. I only know Molly's name because she never comes . . . until she does. But it takes some coaxing. "Molly!  Molly!  1 . . . 2 . . . ." and then Molly trots back to the house.

Look how good Reggie is when I call him:

And here's Buddy:

In all his beagle stubborness.

But then look how CUTE he is, sleeping next to me on the sofa:

His little tongue sticking out:
 And here's Bingo, doing the Bat Ear Thing:

Zzzzz . . . .
In The Office

Buddy in the meditation chair:

I call this his Reindeer Feet:

And Bingo on the T.U. Rug:

Assuming the position for belly rubs:

And then I came into the office and she had moved her sleeping bag to under the desk!

This is is favourite spot for thunderstorms.

 Back in The LR

How cute are these two?

 Tabby having a Groom Fest:

Zzzzzz . . . . 
 In the mornings I meditate. However, the other morning, Tabby was still inside, so he was sitting beside me, purring; which is a soothing background sound. Then Buddy comes trotting in and does his little beagle-squeak because we are in his chair. So I'm sitting cross-legged and I put the duvet over my lap and he jumps up. I meditated for over an hour because I didn't want to disturb him. Ha! Here's my sweet boy under the duvet:

Zzzzzz . . . . 
All is well.  :-)