Monday, December 28, 2015

Xmas, Mud & Bat Girl!

It has rained-rained-RAINED! And also been warm. And also been thundery. Bingo hates the thundery. And the yard is a marshy, spongy, mud pit. But enough about the mud, here's a cute photo of Buddy on Christmas day with a new toy:

His cousin Snuffy got one, too.

It came with a Snoopy, which went to Reggie. Really, it doesn't matter who it goes to. Buddy & Reggie are the toy-lovin' dogs. Bingo doesn't care.

Snoopy was in the back yard, but then was brought back in. Snoopy is the colour of muddy.

Buddy has been NAUGHTY, eating the cat food. He is SO quiet and SNEAKY! Here's my attempt at preventing him access to the cat feeding station.  

Inspecting the perimeter:

I took these photos and then went down the hall.

And then I heard a FAP! as he discovered he could knock off a laundry basket. He is turning into a cat food stuffed sausage. So as long as it's warm out, Tabby eats outside. 

Speaking of Tabby:

And here's Bingo:


Snoopy pose:

And then he moved:

Here's Bingo in her bat girl, sleeping pose:

I woke her.

I'm just realizing that I've no photos of Reggie this week. He continues to get braver and braver. He doesn't dart away anytime I move. He walks past me to go to the back door and outside. It's only taken two years, but I think he knows that I'm not going to hit him. He comes up behind me when I'm at my desk and nuzzles into my hand. He greets me at the front door when I come home. His whole back side swishes back and forth because he's so waggy. He's a happy boy!  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

Monday, December 21, 2015

New Toys

I had taken some photos last week with my phone, but didn't get them on to my laptop. Here we are outside on the back deck:
That's Reggie.
All waggy with Buddy:

And then Reggie gets comfy:

In the Office

Here's Hannah:

And Buddy:

I look over and see this:


Hannah in the Living Room

New Toy

Buddy & Reggie like the toys. They like the ones that squeak. Here's Buddy:


Then he shook his ears; you know with the flippy-flappy:

And then took his toy to the fence:

But then he saw Bingo, and left to investigate:

Bingo claimed "Buddy's" dog food bag that he brought out to the yard. How did she say, "Mine?" you may ask. She peed on it. Of course. 


He of course retaliated, after he sniffed to confirm Bingo's act of dominion over the bag. I did not take photos of this. You're welcome. 

We've had such warm days, but Sunday we had a cold snap. I don't know if this is the beginning of winter; so far it hasn't felt like it. As I write this, I am snuggled up with Buddy in bed. He lets out a sigh. Bingo is on her bed in the closet (half in, half out). And Reggie is curled up on the sofa. It is moments such as these that I am so very grateful. HAPPY Monday!