Monday, December 14, 2015

Bags, Cartons & A Puppy!

"Puppy?" you may be wondering as you read the title. We'll get to that in a bit. In the meantime, we have had such amazingly warm weather! It's like Spring--without the bugs. Awesome! The back door stays open for the dogs to come in and out. They are mostly out. Beautiful blue skies:

Here's Buddy:

Here are Buddy and Reggie:

Here's Bingo:
Paw lift!  She's pointing.  :-)
 The only place that sells Annamaet is in Carytown, which is a 2-hour round trip. So I got some grain-free Rachel Ray. I've not looked it up on the dogfood advisor site. The whole point of saying any of this is . . . here's the empty bag:

Another sunny day:

Here's Reggie:

Bingo, overlooking her domain:


Here's Buddy, making himself comfortable:

I just walked in, and this is how he was sitting:

Reggie, below:

Okay, here's the puppy part:

Meet Hannah. I got to dogsit her on Friday night, so no good photos in natural daylight! She is a golden retriever, and 55 lbs. at 6 months old.

This sweet girl. She just followed me around . . . like a puppy. 

After I took these photos, I laundered the "dog linens" from the sofa! 

 I was sitting on the sofa and she jumped up and molded herself against me. And then Buddy came trotting in from outside. He sat looking up at me, like "She's in my spot!" So I beckoned him up and he wedged himself against my other side. The three of us took up only half of the sofa!

She and Buddy became snuggle buddies. 

Saturday, Back Outside

Here's Buddy against the fence:

He's near the dogfood bag. Ha!

And here's another milk carton "toy:"

It's so funny to watch him carry the carton:

Taking it back to his bag:

I've continued to have progress with Reggie. He has started jumping up with paws on the bed, in the morning when he knows I'm awake. AND a couple nights ago, I was on the sofa with Buddy, and Reggie jumped up and joined us. I didn't move or look at him, but that is progress!

Saturday night I participated in a global meditation at 9:30p.  15 minutes into the meditation, I was all blissed out and then I hear Buddy trotting in. I'm ignoring him and then! He jumps up into my lap. I'm sitting Indian style, so I figure he'll just curl up. But no. He right-angles his body around my waist and noses himself behind me. Here he is, in meditation pose:

HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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