Sunday, August 18, 2019

Baby Update & A Visitor

Yesterday I drove 2 hours with Baby and left her with Composer Brother. It was like Opposite Land. "Has she gained more weight since I saw her last? How much are you feeding her?  Why isn't she walking on the leash?  Have you trained her?"  Hahahaha    He suggested I was leaving her at "Beagle Bootcamp."  Here she is being all cute:  
I was vacuuming the sofa, so of course she jumped up and refused to budge.
 In the office nestled up against Bingo:

In the Meditation Chair:

There is a No Furniture Policy at Composer Brother's, except for a special, designated sofa.

All this to say that, as I'm trying to get ready to take Baby on her journey, Buddy wouldn't come in for breakfast--which you know that means there's an animal, alive or dead, that he's going after. He was ROO-ROO-ing at a carpet hanging over the railing. 

Please don't be a snake
Please don't be a snake
Please don't be a snake

I gingerly lifted the rug up to take a peek.  In between the rungs, was a baby possum who had made a little leaf nest for himself and was all nestled in. Gah!!!  SO CUTE!!!  But I just couldn't deal with it.  I got 99 problems and I can't add Possum Problems to The List before a 2-hour road trip!  A quick search on the Google said possums are nocturnal blah blah most likely left his mama based on length of 7" blah blah etc.  So I thought, "I will deal with you when I get home."  Which I did. And I found a local wildlife rehab gal named Heather and got him into a pet carrier (Towel push into trash can with a scoot into the pet carrier of towels). They really do play dead!  Got to Heather's last night around 8:30 and she just picked him up:


LOOKIT those feet! They have thumbs!!! SO CUTE!!!  

Heather confirmed he's a he (no pouch in the tummy area) and she'll keep him about 3 days before she "soft releases" him in the wild, where she leaves a cage open for him to head into her woods. THANK YOU, Heather!!!  :-)

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Baby & Lady Vizzie

Yesterday I went to visit Composer Brother with Baby. You may recall that he is the reason I got Baby after he adopted her because she was anteloping all over the house. Since then, she's matured a bit and is less hoppity.

She was a bit nervous getting into her crate in the car because I realized that the last time was when I took her for her spaying!  But eventually she settled down and snored for the 2 hours of the drive. When we got there, I wanted to make sure she had a doggy bathroom break before going into the house. My brother and I walked and coaxed her along, but she was all, "Nope. I'm a camel in the piddle department."

He said, "Do you think she might go if we stick her paw in warm water?"

Baby, noping.

Whatchya lookin' at, Baby?

Here's Cousin Lady seeing Baby:

Look at that tail!

Hullo to Uncle Warren:
Eskimo kisses.

Baby watching my brother getting out some green beans for treats:

"Chin kisses, not French kisses," is what I always say to Baby: