Rescue Organizations

Rescue Organizations

These are all people who make this world a better place. Dedicated, tireless and committed, they bring hope to the dumped, neglected, and forgotten.

AARF took a chance on me and let me have Maggie and Millie, even though I didn't live in Richmond. They are an amazing, dedicated organization committed to rescuing and rehoming orphaned, abandoned and otherwise unloved dogs.
AARF on Facebook

New Hope Rescue is another awesome organization that rescues pretty much any animal you can think of. They have a farm with horses, pigs, dogs, cats, etc. For daily updates: New Hope on Facebook. The founder, Lori Priestly, is another animal angel.

Ring Dog Rescue  was one of the rescues that took in some of the beagle-mix dogs that I did the photo shoot for. Another organization dedicated to caring for and finding new homes for dogs.

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