Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hannah Banana Vizzie

Hannah is here for a few days. But first!  Here's Buddy doing some Yoga:


Here's Hannah in the backyard with Bingo & Buddy:

Hannah went to the dog water bowl in the kitchen and stuck her front paws in and then started splashing!  So I filled the bath pool for her:

Hannah: Come on in!
Buddy: NO.               


Tuesday morning:

With Reggie:

 Hannah found an old yogurt container under the deck, as well as a stick:

See? There's a toy right there, but she is happy with her stick & container!


Friday, September 2, 2016

Pictures From My Phone

Among those whom I like, I can find no common denominator. Among those whom I love, I can. All of them make me laugh. ~W.H. Auden

I can never not take a picture of Buddy when he's sleeping with his tongue out! He is so funny!
Under my desk.
Feet in reindeer formation.  :-)

In The Tumbleweed Season
Oh, the dog hair!  Lookit. I found Robert Smith.
RoRo Vizzie

Reggie doing Doggy Yoga, Frog Pose:

Another favourite spot of Buddy's is the Meditation Chair. No matter how many layers of protective covers I put on there, he nests it up:

I readjusted the covers. I didn't get the photo fast enough, but he was sitting up with his arm on the arm of the chair, looking all Winston Churchill-like:

And back under the desk:

Another day, on my foot. Because.
That's a shot of my medial malleolus with Buddy resting on the distal part of my metatarsals.

In the Boudoir

How CUTE is this?!  On the T.U. rug, half under the bed:

Recently I did a proper Queen Anne Clean Fest and took the dust mop under the bed. In addition to finding another Robert Smith Dog Hair Tumbleweed, I also found Bingo's Kong Wobbler with food in it. I'm trying to think how long it's been since I switched her to another puzzle feeder because I couldn't find it. Weeks? And I thought Reggie had taken it outside and hidden it under the porch. Ha! In addition to the Wobbler that Buddy was hoarding, I also found 6 different socks, but they were not regular socks, but my fuzzy soft socks. He would periodically take a nap under the bed. Now I know why. Sorry to disturb your lair, Buddy.

Speaking of the bed, THIS:

Bingo has taken to coming to bed even when there's not a thunderstorm. She likes the cushy, foam topper that lets her sleep on her back. I have a fan at the foot of the bed on the bureau; which provides a nice white noise, as well as coolness. Except when she gets in front of it and then I inhale a wall of hair. Buddy sheds, but Bingo & Reggie are alpacas. (Hence the aformentioned Robert Smith Tumbleweed).

One morning I woke up in the middle of a doggie sandwich; Bingo wedged against me on the left and Buddy squished against me on the right. *sigh*  Bingo gets up if she thinks it's breakfast time. As soon as Reggie hears stirring, he's at the bed, waiting for me to drape my feet over the side so he can lick them Good Morning.  

And another day. See? Can NOT not take his photo!