Sunday, November 27, 2016


Composer Brother got a new dog; a rescue Jackabee name Lady. She is ADORABLE!!! Chiro-sis & I went for a vizzie on Friday after Thanksgiving. I took a few pix (of course).   She looks like a beagle, but she is tiny compared to my beagle-boy Buddy. She has a beagley-look, but her body and build are more Jack Russell-ish. 

She does a funny thing with her leash when she doesn't want to come, grabbing it with her mouth:

"Come on, Lady." 
"No," says Lady.


Look at that tongue!

"Okay, Lady. Time to go."
Here she is with Warren, our very dear family friend:

Back inside. I shot this thru the rungs of the dining room chair:

Saying hullo to Chiro-sis:

The leash isn't the only she likes to chew on!


Prezzie from Auntie HaHa:

Snuggley in her bed:

Snoopy Pose.

Getting sleeeeeepy . . .

More finger chewing:

She's also proficient at untying shoes:

Then she went to chew on:

Later, finding a spot in the sun; back up against the chair:


Sleeeeepy . . . 

Zzzzzz . . . .
Here are a few candid shots with Warren: