Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Tribute to Snuffy

It is a hard thing to say goodbye to our loved ones. It is especially hard when we have to say goodbye to our animal companions. In grieving through the deaths of Barkley, Remi, Millie, and Maggie, my boss and dear friend, John Morgan, has been there to support and comfort me. He told me, "There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have dogs, and those who don't get it."

It is with heavy heart that I must write that yesterday, John Morgan and his family had to say goodbye to Snuffy, the black-nosed beagle. He was the famous dog on the cover of John's Hypnosis for Dogs CD:

I am remembering the first time I met Snuffy. I was going on the road with John Morgan for a week of seminars in New England. He picked me up at the airport and drove me home to have dinner with his family. He opened the front door and Snuffy came running out. As he ran around, John narrated like a football announcer, if he were a radio guy. Snuffy started with circle-eights in the front yard. Then he ran up to a mailbox and lifted his leg. "That's right, say 'hello' to the mailbox, Snuffy."

Snuffy was a constant source of entertainment as I would hear his Roo-Roos through the phone, when I was talking to John. Even more entertaining were John's conversations with Snuffy.

"Give me that rope, Snuffy. You heard me: ROPE."
Snuffy used to do "Circus Dog," where he'd tug on the rope
and barrel-role in a circle, while still holding on to the rope.
And then everyone would clap for him and cheer:
"YAY, Circus Dog!"
"It's 8 degrees out, but we're big boys, Snuffy. You know, it's this kind of weather that makes you feel alive . . . or close to death. I think my ears are going to snap off."

John comes home from being out.  "Snuffy, come over and give Poppy a kiss." [Snuffy licks his forehead]. "Oh, Snuffy. This is more healing than the water at Lourdes."

Graphic made in last election:

VET: Snuffy may have glaucoma.
John: Will he have to wear glasses?

[Whispers]  "The bloodhound just walked by a rabbit."

"Snuffy, big boys go OUTSIDE. We don't want to be like those cats. We hate cats."

"On the beach you may be a CHICK magnet, Snuffy. But in the woods, you're a TICK magnet."

"That's Poppy's ball."
 Snuffy was truly a part of the family. Every year, they celebrated his birthday on October 16th:

Last year:

Complete with prezzies:
John named all the toys he got Snuffy. Leo the Lion and ?
They all would be TOAST in the first 5 minutes.
With Carla the Cow.
Lenny the Leopard draped on Snuffy does not distract Snuffy from his ball:
Poppy's ball.
 Snuffy was part of all family birthdays and holidays. Here's his stocking for Christmas:

Oh, what a good boy, Snuffy. Santa, are you watching?"

Snuffy, the black-nosed beagle:

And here are a few more sleeping photos:

Once I got my own beagle, I felt even closer to Snuffy. Whenever I would says something Buddy had done, John would say, "Yeah, they do that."  Like having their backs up against something:

Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.
—Agnes Sligh Turnbull

There's a saying that the best day of your life is when you first say hello to your new dog, and the worst is when you have to say goodbye. For those who have grieved the loss of a loved one, pet or person, no explanation is needed. It is the hardest thing we do, as humans, I think.

There is nothing that takes grief away, except the act of grieving. Grief is a testament to how deeply we love. It brings all the things we miss about our beloveds. Eventually . . . eventually sometimes it brings a smile instead of tears. RIP Snuffy. You were cherished and loved and deserved all of it.