Monday, August 31, 2015

Doggie Monday

This guy:

I awoke to the gentle quaking of my bed; lurching, really. "No-no-no!" is my mantra as I try to maneuver Buddy's barfing off the bed.  We managed to get him to the edge of the bed, so he could yack off the side of the bed onto the rug; which once again, is aptly named The Throw Up Rug.

*le sigh*
Here's Bingo modeling the other T.U. rug:

Bat girl!


"How YOU, doin'?"
 These two were sunbathing. Sometimes I can't tell them apart when they're in the yard. As soon as I got the camera, Reggie got up, of course:

Batgirl Bingo goes back to sunning herself:

Here's Reggie again:

And Bingo:

Buddy looking over at the neighbor's, tail at half-droop:

Bingo in one of her spots:

This was so cute; Reggie & Buddy together on the upper deck:

Then Reggie gets up, of course:

All coming toward me:
I didn't even say, "Treats."
Treasures Under The Deck

Buddy found an old plastic bottle under the deck:

Through the kitchen window:

And he saw me!

Running with the bottle:

He goes in circle eights and then he'll drop the bottle and pounce on it.

Ears flapping:

Thru the kitchen window, here's Reggie watching Buddy:

 Reggie & Buddy are such good friends. Here are a few shots thru the office window:

They were playing, but Reggie heard the camera.

Sunday Morning


Bingo & Buddy on the deck:

And because it never gets old:

Frog pose.

We are in the process of vet vizzies with Dr. Morgan. I took Bingo first and then will take the other two separately. There's no way I could take them together. Bingo was desperate for a pedicure and it took 3 of us to hold her down for her nail clipping. Poor girl!  She really doesn't like that!  

We are getting the first inklings of Autumn; a smattering of leaves in the yard. Soon it will be time to break out the duvet and sheepskin, and we will be all cozy for winter.  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Doggie Monday

We start our week out on the back porch:

Here's Reggie boy:

Here's Buddy in the boudoir:

Phone Convo with John Morgan
Me: Buddy was such a snuggle bunny this morning.
John: Did you kiss him?
Me: No.
John: That's coming.


I'm being judicious and inclusive of all the dogs this week--not too far skewed to the Buddy-to-other-dogs ratio. Here's Bingo:
It's her Philosopher's Pose.
Happy girl.
Back to Buddy. This is actually how I found him when I walked into the bedroom, but he sat up:

Saturday morning Buddy and Reggie were playing with a little box that Buddy pulled out of the recycling:

He was running around, doing his circle-eights; ears flapping with the occasional Roo-roo! in there for good measure:

Back inside at the watering hole:

As you can see, it's been a quiet week and I've not taken many photos. We go about our daily routine; Bingo usually by my feet. Buddy and Reggie romp in the back yard and then come in for a mid-morning nap; Reggie in his crate or outside the office door and Buddy curled up in the corner chair of my office. No matter what I call it, it's his chair.

Saturday I had a vizzie with friend Mari, rescuer of Maggie & Millie. I will be forever grateful for her. I gave her the Picaboo M&M book that I designed. It was so good to see her!  We've only gotten together a handful of times, but email a lot. So glad she came across the river to see us!

It's a BEAUTIFUL morning so far. It's starting to get a bit cooler and I can taste Fall around the corner. AWESOME!  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Doggie Monday

This week I'm starting off with some photos I took with my phone. Phone photos aren't as obvious to the dogs as the fancy-pants camera. Here we are in the office:
Reggie & Bingo: Back to alpaca status with the shedding. 
Here's Bingo and Tabby at my feet:

Bingo smiling and Reggie all waggy:

Another of Bingo's spots, under my desk:


Here's Reggie:

And then!
He likes to lick my knees.
Here's Buddy on the T.U. Rug:

He nested up the rug. Notice the chewed box behind him? 

Why is Buddy on the rug and not in his chair?  This:
 One of Buddy's spots on the deck:

Back inside, he has brought an assortment of "toys" onto the dog bed:

 Then he switches beds:

He's resting his head on a strip of scrapbook paper he retrieved:

This morning, Buddy on the back porch, sniffing the air:
 Tail at half-droop

And here's Bingo in one of her spots, overseeing her domain:

Right now Bingo is snoozing under my desk, her paws curved around my ankles. Buddy is curled up on his chair, and Reggie is lying in the doorway, half-in and half-out of the office. The past coupla mornings have been cooler, with just a hint of Autumn around the corner. My favourite time of year. Later today I'll head to the airport to pick up Mum and chiro-sis & Ro & BIL & niece Marlene. They've been in Scotland for the past 2 weeks. I'm looking FW to hearing about their adventures!  HAPPY Monday!  :-)