Monday, September 28, 2015

Doggie Monday

It's been a quiet week; lots of rain over the weekend. Buddy was in and out like a trooper!  His rescue on a rainy night is a distant memory. :-)  Here he is on the meditation chair. I made the mistake of leaving a T-shirt type cardigan and here's Buddy, all snuggled up with it:
Sorry, flash was off!
He gets all nesty and bunches things up.
Zzzzz . . . .

Here's Bingo, catching some rays:

And Buddy:
Posterior from above view of Cat Pose.
 Bingo on the T.U. rug. She was sleeping (so cute!) but woke when she heard the camera:

Back to Buddy:
Wedged in.

That's Reggie on the left!  I managed to snap a photo!
Usually he zips out of the room before I get a chance. He's getting less spazzy!

Reggie continues to relax more and more. It's just taking lots of time to un-condition his past conditioning. He now greets me at the door with Bingo, and he licks my hand, while doing a little dance. It's his Happy Dance! He wakes me every morning with his "Hey! It's breakfast time!" groany-moany sound. So funny!  

I was looking thru the dog's journal and forgot a funny story from last week when the dogs went to Mama Rita's. As I was leaving, I walked into the living room and there was a plate and two pieces of iceberg lettuce on the floor. "Oh, that's where I left my sandwich," said Rita. "Well we KNOW who found it!"  Buddy, the Sandwich-Sniffing Beagle, of course!   HAPPY Monday!  :-)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Doggie Monday

Apologies for the delay!  We start with a view out the office window:
Reggie & Bingo:

Here's Buddy:

I switched out the dog toy boxes and brought the living room one into the office. This mangled squirrel was a new-old discovery:

Found this on the stairs:
I had a little shelf lying against the wall in the hallway as I'm rearranging
the art studio. Buddy (and I'm sure it's Buddy!) pulled out a peg. *le sigh* 
Look at Bingo pointing:
Here's Reggie;


Buddy makes the yard all hole-y!

Bingo in one of her spots:

Buddy was all Roo-roo! at a deer or dog or neighbor's car:

In the office, here's Bingo:
Assuming the position for belly rubs!
Buddy with yogurt lid.

Here comes Reggie:

Here's Reggie on Persian carpet:
Getting up & out of the way . . . 
My sweet Bingo-Dingo on the T.U. Rug:

Buddy on the meditation chair; sleeping:

Empty dog food bag that Buddy pulled outside:

Saturday, I walked in to the kitchen to discover Buddy on top of the cat food station, woofing down the cat food!  "Well, well, well. He's finally discovered how to get up there," I thought. And then I had this slow realization that he's prolly been doing it forever and this was just the first time I caught him!  He wasn't too embarrassed to be found.  *le sigh*  

Saturday night I took the dogs for a sleepover with their other mommy, Mama Rita. They were so happy to see her!  AND when we left, Reggie let her pet him!  Progress!   I would write more, but it's time for knitting and this post is late enough. Til next week!  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Doggie Monday

We begin this week with Buddy, in the kitchen, sniffing out some kibble under the cedar chest. How did the kibble get there? you may ask. From Bingo's over-zealousness with her Kong Wobbler food dispenser.

He's managing to clean out the dog hair under there, as well.
Like a pig going after truffles.

Here he is with a pizza box, he pulled out of the recycling:

Gluten free pizza in Powhatan?!  YES.  :-)

Buddy on the back porch. You can tell we're getting into fall-ish weather!
It's also the season of stray dog toys and empty boxes.
In the office, doing yoga on the T.U. rug:

Doggy yoga: Froggy Pose.
A peek of Reggie thru the kitchen window:

And Buddy:
Reggie was a brave boy this week; going to the vet.
Such a handsome boy!
Buddy eating dirt:

In the office, I had my shoes by my desk. Buddy grabbed one:

Pretending I didn't see him:

In the meantime, here's Tabby, lying across the thresh hold:

Reggie was going to trot out, but he thinks better of it:

He doesn't want to cross Tabby. 

And here we have the ever-cheerful Bingo:

Getting sleeeeeeeepy.

Sunday was GORGEOUS!!!  

Back yard:

Here's Buddy:

 And Bingo in her spot, after I cleared off the deck:

I'm thinking I might take all the dogs to the vet at the same time, next time. I took them each separately for the past 3 Fridays. However, this past Friday with Reggie, was the most challenging. I was trying to get him OUT, keep Bingo and Buddy IN and Tabby was just in the way, being a jerk, meowing like it was all about him. Hehhhh . . . . I ended up carrying Buddy to the car, while I had Reggie on the leash. I put Reggie in the back  and Buddy in the front and Bingo followed behind me and jumped up with Reggie. Then I put a leash on Bingo--who was NOT happy, but she did get back out of the car. I put her in the office and then went back for Buddy and carried him back in. Exhausting. The rest of the visit was OK, Reggie really is a sweetie. Such a shy boy, not a peep out of him. I really like our vet, Dr. Morgan. She's so good with everyone. Dogs don't lie about who they like, and they like her!  :-)  Anyway, vet vizzies are over for a while, except when we go back for nail trimmings in a few weeks. HAPPY Monday!  :-)