Monday, September 28, 2015

Doggie Monday

It's been a quiet week; lots of rain over the weekend. Buddy was in and out like a trooper!  His rescue on a rainy night is a distant memory. :-)  Here he is on the meditation chair. I made the mistake of leaving a T-shirt type cardigan and here's Buddy, all snuggled up with it:
Sorry, flash was off!
He gets all nesty and bunches things up.
Zzzzz . . . .

Here's Bingo, catching some rays:

And Buddy:
Posterior from above view of Cat Pose.
 Bingo on the T.U. rug. She was sleeping (so cute!) but woke when she heard the camera:

Back to Buddy:
Wedged in.

That's Reggie on the left!  I managed to snap a photo!
Usually he zips out of the room before I get a chance. He's getting less spazzy!

Reggie continues to relax more and more. It's just taking lots of time to un-condition his past conditioning. He now greets me at the door with Bingo, and he licks my hand, while doing a little dance. It's his Happy Dance! He wakes me every morning with his "Hey! It's breakfast time!" groany-moany sound. So funny!  

I was looking thru the dog's journal and forgot a funny story from last week when the dogs went to Mama Rita's. As I was leaving, I walked into the living room and there was a plate and two pieces of iceberg lettuce on the floor. "Oh, that's where I left my sandwich," said Rita. "Well we KNOW who found it!"  Buddy, the Sandwich-Sniffing Beagle, of course!   HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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