Monday, October 5, 2015


The RAIN we've had has been relentless. Bingo is getting persnickity in her old age and I have to suit up and coax her out the back door; otherwise she stands there and makes squeaking noises in protest!
These are the only pictures I have from this week that feature an outside shot:

And then it RAINED . . . and rained. We're supposed to get sunshine tomorrow--hurrah! I will be looking for a dove flying overhead with an olive branch. [Lame Noah's ark joke.] In the meantime, here are a few indoorsy photos from this week.

Buddy has taken to jumping up on my chair with me at my desk:
He wedges himself behind me. 

Then he turns himself into a right angle and maneuvers himself onto my lap:

I took these with my phone, BTW.

And here's Reggie! He's not quite as suspicious of the phone as he is of the fancy-pants camera. Yet.

 Buddy, doing his yoga:

Buddy gets all nesty with the T.U. rug. Here's Bingo taking advantage:

I feed the dogs when I wake up--which Reggie will help me with if I'm not awake soon enough! And then they get their dinner at 5 p.m. Except they vie for an earlier dinner time; Bingo comes in and starts hopping around doing her Dinner Dance and Buddy starts in with the Roo-Roo!-ing.

"Where's our dinner? Isn't it dinner time?"
See? Bingo's "feed me" look and Buddy's Roo-roos!
 And then I acquiesce, of course. Because look at that face:

Friday, schools let out early for flooding, so I went and met Ro off the bus and then brought him back for  a vizzie with Bingo. He never says, "Can I go see Buddy?"  It's always Bingo! Ha. But here's Ro with an art project and Buddy:

And here's Bingo:

After Ro went home:
Tabby Bobcat sits and purrs.
Watchya lookin' at, T-Bob?

Here's Bingo on the T.U. rug:

In The Boudoir 

The dogs know it's bed time when they hear me brushing my teeth. Reggie goes to his bed in the living room, and I walk in to the bedroom to this:
Buddy all snuggley.
 I'll have to post a video of him making his snuggley noises. 
 Here's Bingo on the original T.U. rug:

Belly rubs!
 In the office, Buddy reluctantly shares his (MY) meditation chair with Tabby:
Tabby grooms.
 But then he sees me:

Missing Mail Carrier Tessa

Whenever Tessa drives up, the dogs get all excited. She meets them all with treats at the door, so why wouldn't they? The truck drove up, package delivered at the door, but no knock at the door with treats. Tessa was off this day and here's Buddy waiting for her:
Waiting for his treat.
You can see him thinking, "I know the truck is out there. Why isn't Treat Lady coming?"
Sorry, Buddy. Her substitute driver doesn't do the treat thing.
 Back in the Office

Buddy came trotting in and was going to jump up in his chair, but Tabby was already there. So I sat down and coaxed him up:

Trying to get comfy. I always get up to let him curl up
where he wants. Tabby, however, does not accommodate.

Sleeeeepy . . . .
Right now I'm sitting in my office and Buddy is curled up on the meditation chair, having his post-breakfast snooze. Bingo is on the T.U. rug and Reggie? Reggie is right behind me on the Persian rug. Progress! HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

P.S. HAPPY (belated) Birthday to Mari! Forever grateful to have you as a friend!  

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