Monday, October 26, 2015

Doggie Monday

John Morgan remarked that Tabby hasn't been featured much on the blog. That's because in warmer weather, he stays out most of the time. He still comes in and likes to eat at his feeding station, but for the most part, he's outside, especially at night. John said, "You mean he's catting around?" Hahahaha
When it gets colder, Tabby comes in at bedtime. It takes some getting used to again. But here he is:
So cute with his paw over his eyes!
I pulled out the Ralph Lauren mini-comforter for the meditation chair. Of course, that's just an invitation to get more nesty:

Buddy isn't the only one who likes the duvet:

With Tabby inside more, Buddy has to adjust:

Altho, even for a beagle, he is not too thrilled:

Tabby ignored him with a Groom Fest. Because he's a cat.


But eventually:

Later . . . 
Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?
 I moved the duvet onto the T.U. rug when I was doing my Magnolia May video, and left it there:

And here's Buddy:

Reggie says hullo:

Speaking of Reggie, here he is at the LR window:

 And back to the office:

 Bingo likes it, too!

Here was Bingo, during the shoot:

See the pile in the background? Those are all the LAYERS I
keep on the meditation chair to protect it from dog & cat hair, etc.
I was walking down the hallway and glanced in the bedroom to see this:

Buddy doesn't usually hang out on the T.U. rug in the bedroom. He trots up the beagle/cat steps and snuggles into bed. So, why is he down below?


Back in the office:
Get off the desk! But first, lemme take a picture!

Whatchya got there, Buddy?
Hey! My mini-post-it note pad?! Gimme that! But first, lemme take a picture!

And because I was on the floor taking a photo, Bingo was all ready for belly rubs!

EnJOYing Autumn Daze

I was walking in the yard and came upon this:
Someone (a.k.a. Buddy!) absconded with a post-it note pad! NAUGHTY!

Speaking of . . . 

The shade is encroaching, but he stays basking in the sun as long as he can!

We had another breakthru this week with Reggie. He played with Bingo's Wobbler! He's always been cautious around it, but he was in the hallway knocking it over. I was taking a nap at the time, but I couldn't be annoyed. So, proud of him!  Other than that, it's been a rather uneventful week. Besides the post-it note carnage, I mean. 
Sunday night:
Reggie & Bingo.
 And here's Buddy:
Boy, was he snoring!
HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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