Monday, November 2, 2015

HAPPY Anniversary, Reggie!!!

Today is the second anniversary of Reggie's adoption. Here's a post I did last year on his one year anniversary. And here's a few more pix:

Racing with one of his toys:

Playing with Bingo:

On the old sofa:

Reggie started the destruction of the sofa; Buddy finished it! Oh, well.

We had a real breakthru this week; Reggie took a treat from my hand in the office. He didn't say, "Oh, treat!" And trot off to his crate to wait for his. This is really huge. HUGE! Slowly, slowly, he is getting reconditioned to relax and not be so fearful.  :-)

Here he is in the office, taken with my phone. He's less suspicious of that:
Sleeping behind me.
You can see evidence of Buddy destruction on the T.U. rug to the right:

Speaking of Buddy and the office, here are a few selfies:

He's taken to jumping up behind me and getting into my lap. Once he even jumped directly on my lap! What's funny is he tries to do the doggy-circling before he lies down. Doesn't work so well on my lap!

Another day:

Zzzzz . . . .

In the meditation chair:

What would Doggie Monday be without some beagle yoga?

I got Buddy and Reggie each a new toy. They'll steal each other's share, anyway. I gave Buddy his toy and then went to get the camera to take a picture. He went into the living room with the toy. Here's the toy:

And here's Buddy:
Somehow he got another Post-It Note pad!
Here, lemme rub your belly.
 Here's Buddy with Reggie's toy:

 And back in the meditation chair:

This deserves a caption, don't you think?

"My name is Buddy and you should vote for me."

Later I came in to see him curled up, sleeping. 

WAIT a minute! What's that? Is that my washi tape?! 
Yes, it is. But at least he didn't chew it.
 And now a brief appearance from Bingo:

All snuggled up amongst the Buddy debris of box-ripping.
Zzzzz . . . .
And that's been our week. HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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