Monday, November 16, 2015

Back from Mama Rita's

It has been quite the week! I was in Phoenix for a conference, so the dogs were at Other Mama Rita's. This past Tuesday, while I was still in Phoenix, Mum was in a really bad car accident. We don't know the details of how it happened, and Mum doesn't remember. I will do a post on my the Labyrinth Gal blog later this week, but she is progressing and doing well.

OK, on to Doggie Monday!  I flew back on Wednesday night, and got to Mama Rita's at 9:30-ish. Reggie came up to me all waggy and licking my hand. Bingo was her happy self. And Buddy was all ROO-ROO! and jumping up on my legs. Rita's "children" Dana & Roy came in to say hi, too. And then we all  had a nice chit-chat vizzie in the living room along with Rita's sister, T.

I guess we were boring, because when it was time to leave, where was Buddy? Here:

In Rita's bedroom.

See how his back is up against the covers? So sweet.

It was so nice to have my snuggle-beagle back! Nothing like being HOME and in my own bed!

Our first morning back, and the dogs are back on their regular schedule. Here's Reggie in his crate with his dog puzzle feeder to slow down his eating. And here's Buddy making sure Reggie didn't miss a morsel, after he ate from his own feeder in the kitchen:

Reggie is not happy, but he is so patient!

Sunday morning I took a few pix before heading to the hospital to see Mum:
Lawnmower Ben cleared the yard of leaves.
 View of Bingo out the window:

And here's Buddy:


And then she got up to come be petted:

I called the dogs in so that I could go to the hospital. Reggie and Bingo were in the living room. And Buddy? Here's Buddy:

I put the covers on him:

My sweet snuggle bunny. :-)

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