Monday, November 9, 2015

Doggie Monday

Here are a few pix from this week taken with my phone:
Buddy on the sheepskin that's on the bed, now. You can't tell from
the photo, but I tried to wash it and it has a tinge of greenish-blue to it.
Here's a photo of all three dogs in the office with me:

Here's Reggie, wagging his tail:

Another time with Reggie:
He was lying down but got up when I moved to take his photo!

Mr. Waggy again:

Bingo, Reggie & Buddy amidst the destruction of paper products from the recycling bin.

Reggie again:

Reggie yawns, Bingo sleeps.

Mr. Waggy again!

Coming to say hello:

Buddy all snuggley in bed:

Buddy fell asleeeeeep . . . 

. . . by my suitcase, pictured right.

 Buddy all snuggley in the meditation chair:

Can you stand such cuteness?!

His ear flopped over his eye:

See how he bunched up the sheet for his nest?

Back in the office, Tabby was all curled up with Bingo, but got up when I was taking the photo:

I was in the office and I heard Buddy ROO-ROOing from the back yard. Then Reggie came in and squeaked at me like, "Buddy needs help." So I went into the back yard and saw this:
 But Buddy just stayed at the back even when he looked around and saw me. He ROO-ROOed again. So I walked back to him and discovered that he had twisted one handle around both back legs, and the other one around his front right leg. OH, DEAR!

 Now to be fair to him, this was what I had brought the Costco rotisserie chicken in, so he prolly smelled remnants. I freed his legs and started back to the house.

As I was walking back to the house, I looked over and saw this:

Then I looked inside and realized that Buddy had shred the inside! I popped down for a vizzie with Rita and told her about the bag. She said I had left one behind a few months ago, so she gave it to me. I went to do a grocery shop later that day, and when I opened it, I discovered this:
Another shredded bag! Buddy strikes again!
 Speaking of Buddy, here he is looking at Mail Carrier Tessa coming to the house. With treats, of course!

HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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