Monday, November 30, 2015

We had a beautiful full moon this week. I didn't take any proper photos of it with my telephoto lens, but I did take a crappy one with Bingo on the back porch:

Here's Buddy, snoozing up against the fence:

See how he's up against a mountain of leaves?

Here's Bingo:

Zzzzz . . . .
 New toy that I got a coupla weeks ago that the dogs have pretty much ignored. So I threw it on the back deck:

Reggie comes to say hullo:

Bingo again:

We've had such warm days!

A view out the kitchen window, all three dogs:


He hears the camera so comes to investigate:

And back down again:

Buddy with a tissue box.


I did laundry this week, so this:

 Sunday Night

In the office, I'm at my desk. Buddy comes to me with this look:

Tabby Bobcat, usurper of HIS blankie and chair.
Bingo on the T.U. rug:

Buddy jumped up behind me on my chair and then right-angled his way onto my lap:

Taken with my fancy-pants camera, so not the best angles . . . 

Tabby comes to say hi. Or something:

Tabby takes the bait of the pillow on the ottoman:

Aaaaaand Buddy gets his chair back!

All nesty.

In the meantime, Bingo:

More nestiness:

Tabby begins a groom fest:

He was trying to get under the blanket, so I helped him:

In his cave:

Zzzzz . . . . 
And then:

It has been a long week of getting things sorted with Mum. We had her memorial on Saturday. How that translated for the dogs is that I was not at home for much of the day, which is not our usual routine. They were used to me leaving in the evenings to go over to Mum's, and being home during the day. "Guard the castle," I say to them as I leave. Anyway, things will be back to the normal routine this week. I am so grateful to have my dogs; they have been such a great comfort to me in this time of grieving. I don't know how non-dog people do it! I am very blessed.  :-)