Monday, October 19, 2015

Leaves Are Leaving

We are in the middle of Autumn now, having had our first frost on Saturday night. I love these crisp, cool days!  Il fait frais!
Here's Buddy in a patch of sunlight.

Reggie playing with a frisbee disk that the vet gave him:

Buddy, back up against the fence, snoozing in the sun:

ROO-ROO! at the neighbor dogs. Bingo doesn't care.

A few back yard pix:

Here's Reggie, still not fond of the camera!

Here are Reggie & Buddy rompin' & playin':

I have to take these photos thru the kitchen window or Reggie stops. Even here, he heard the camera going clicky-click and off he goes:

Buddy says, "Where ya goin?" 

Buddy in the leaves:

"What's this?"

Bingo, seeing something:

 Another shot of Buddy in the sun:
Because we don't have enough of those!
Hullo Reggie:
My sweet boy.  :-)
Pizza Box

I put this is the dog's toy box:
Buddy was the first to retrieve it.

I'd like to think he's thinking, "Thank you" here:

but I think he might be thinking, "Mine" or "I want more."

This week's Frog Pose brought to you by the telephoto lens and the lazy photographer:


Reggie trots by Bingo:

Sunny days . . . 


See this tulip poplar tree?

You prolly can't see the squirrel:

 Two squirrels were chasing each other around and around the tree . . . and:

And then the squirrels noticed the beagle and managed to run across the branches of three other trees to get out of the yard. Here's the disappointed beagle:
"Wait, what? Where are ya goin'?"
Bingo says, "They went thatta way."

Here's Buddy:
"I'll go investigate."
Bingo, in one of her spots:
Overlooking her domain.
And then she's in another spot:

And here's Reggie again:

Another few pix of Buddy in the leaves:

He's adept at finding the sunny patches.  :-)

Surveying the perimeter:


Here we are in the office:
Buddy finds a new empty tissue box in his toy box.

Here's Bingo, ready for belly rubs!

Reggie walks in:
"What's going on?"
 In The Living Room

I walked into the LR to see this:
AND I was able to get a photo! Progress for
Reggie. Buddy has been so good for him. :-)
 This is my only photo from a RoRo vizzie:
15 minutes of Bill Nye before his drum lesson.
(Rowan's, not Buddy's, in case that wasn't clear).
 Another Reggie-Buddy Sofa Fest, but Reggie jumped down before I could get the photo:

But . . . 

And getting down.
One day, I'll walk in and sit down next to him!
 Sunday night, bed time:

We are in the winter duvet, now. Somehow, Buddy managed to unbutton the duvet! This morning, Reggie woke me up, as per usual, with his, "Wake up and feed me." I got up but Buddy stayed in bed. He usually gets up when I do. I went to the kitchen and took the lid off the dog food. Still no Buddy. I fed Bingo; no Buddy. I fed  Reggie; no Buddy! As I'm walking back to the dog food, I hear Buddy rustle from under the covers and jump off the bed. He knows the food routine: Bingo, Reggie, Buddy. He was waiting until it was his turn! 

After breakfast, I walk into the bedroom to see this:

He went back to bed!

Friday night, Buddy fell asleep with his head cradled in my arm, paws stretched across my chest. I fell asleep with him snoring in my ear. When I woke up, I was amazed that he had slept like that all night. He was still in my arm . . . except as I became more awake, I realized that it was not his head resting in the crook of my arm! He had turned himself around. Ha!  HAPPY MONDAY!  :-)

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