Monday, August 17, 2015

Doggie Monday

This week I'm starting off with some photos I took with my phone. Phone photos aren't as obvious to the dogs as the fancy-pants camera. Here we are in the office:
Reggie & Bingo: Back to alpaca status with the shedding. 
Here's Bingo and Tabby at my feet:

Bingo smiling and Reggie all waggy:

Another of Bingo's spots, under my desk:


Here's Reggie:

And then!
He likes to lick my knees.
Here's Buddy on the T.U. Rug:

He nested up the rug. Notice the chewed box behind him? 

Why is Buddy on the rug and not in his chair?  This:
 One of Buddy's spots on the deck:

Back inside, he has brought an assortment of "toys" onto the dog bed:

 Then he switches beds:

He's resting his head on a strip of scrapbook paper he retrieved:

This morning, Buddy on the back porch, sniffing the air:
 Tail at half-droop

And here's Bingo in one of her spots, overseeing her domain:

Right now Bingo is snoozing under my desk, her paws curved around my ankles. Buddy is curled up on his chair, and Reggie is lying in the doorway, half-in and half-out of the office. The past coupla mornings have been cooler, with just a hint of Autumn around the corner. My favourite time of year. Later today I'll head to the airport to pick up Mum and chiro-sis & Ro & BIL & niece Marlene. They've been in Scotland for the past 2 weeks. I'm looking FW to hearing about their adventures!  HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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