Sunday, August 18, 2019

Baby Update & A Visitor

Yesterday I drove 2 hours with Baby and left her with Composer Brother. It was like Opposite Land. "Has she gained more weight since I saw her last? How much are you feeding her?  Why isn't she walking on the leash?  Have you trained her?"  Hahahaha    He suggested I was leaving her at "Beagle Bootcamp."  Here she is being all cute:  
I was vacuuming the sofa, so of course she jumped up and refused to budge.
 In the office nestled up against Bingo:

In the Meditation Chair:

There is a No Furniture Policy at Composer Brother's, except for a special, designated sofa.

All this to say that, as I'm trying to get ready to take Baby on her journey, Buddy wouldn't come in for breakfast--which you know that means there's an animal, alive or dead, that he's going after. He was ROO-ROO-ing at a carpet hanging over the railing. 

Please don't be a snake
Please don't be a snake
Please don't be a snake

I gingerly lifted the rug up to take a peek.  In between the rungs, was a baby possum who had made a little leaf nest for himself and was all nestled in. Gah!!!  SO CUTE!!!  But I just couldn't deal with it.  I got 99 problems and I can't add Possum Problems to The List before a 2-hour road trip!  A quick search on the Google said possums are nocturnal blah blah most likely left his mama based on length of 7" blah blah etc.  So I thought, "I will deal with you when I get home."  Which I did. And I found a local wildlife rehab gal named Heather and got him into a pet carrier (Towel push into trash can with a scoot into the pet carrier of towels). They really do play dead!  Got to Heather's last night around 8:30 and she just picked him up:


LOOKIT those feet! They have thumbs!!! SO CUTE!!!  

Heather confirmed he's a he (no pouch in the tummy area) and she'll keep him about 3 days before she "soft releases" him in the wild, where she leaves a cage open for him to head into her woods. THANK YOU, Heather!!!  :-)

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