Monday, December 7, 2015

Lots of Phone Pix

This week I have taken an inordinate amount of photos with my camera. It's sneakier with Reggie, for one. And also, I'm lazy.

See? Here's Reggie:

Reggie yawning & Bingo in the foreground:

Reggie behind me:

Buddy likes to jump up on my chair behind me and then right-angle his body onto my lap:

Lying on my lap:

Here's Bingo:

Right before Buddy goes in for a smooch.
Another day, another smooch!
 Hard to tell, but Buddy & Reggie are playing:
Tabby in the background, with cattish disdain.
 And then Reggie leaves:

This is Buddy Pre-Roo-Roo! 

Snuggle Bunnies

Here's Buddy in the office, on the meditation chair:
Zzzzz . . . 

But he really likes to be in his "cave" :

In the boudoir cave:

Under the sheepskin.

With Tabby:
Zzzzz . . . 

Tabby comes for a scritchy-scratch:

And now here are a few pix from the proper. fancy-pants camera:

In the Office
Here's Bingo:
This is her "feed me" look.

Here comes Reggie:

"Did someone mention FOOD?"
In the meditation chair:

Nestling in:

But he really prefers this:

Except, then this:
Bingo prefers to have the duvet on the floor!

Bingo is harshin' Buddy's cave mellow:

In The Living Room

Whenever the dogs hear the mail truck on the street, or a truck in the driveway, it means it's Mail Carrier Tessa--because she has treats! Here's Buddy waiting with anticipation:


But alas!  No Tessa. No treats:

It has been a difficult week. Not with the dogs, but just because I'm really missing Mum. Having the dogs means I have to get up every morning, even when I don't feel like it. I am so grateful to have them; they are a source of comfort and laughter. I don't know how non-dog or non-pet people work thru grief. Because it's work. And it's exhausting. And really, I'd rather stay in bed. But I'm moving thru it. And the dogs are a big help. The cat? Playing with a pen on my nightstand in the wee hours of the morning and then knocking everything off--not so helpful. He was prolly aiming for Reggie. Ha! But Tabby really helped me when Maggie died, so I'll give him a pass. Reggie's wags and Bingo's belly rubs and Buddy's snuggles are getting me thru this time. I am forever grateful.

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