Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer Daze

Here are Buddy, Reggie & Bingo:

Reggie says, "Hullo."

He is shedding like an alpaca in these photos. 

I brushed him a coupla days ago, but he's back in Shedville.

Thru the kitchen window:

Buddy in Frog Pose:

I got the boys a new toy:

It has several squeakers and crinkley-sounding ears:

Oh look!  Here's Hannah for a day vizzie:

She says, "Let's play!"

"No," says Buddy.

It has been so HOT, so I filled the pool:

Hannah's the only one who will get in because around these parts, it's know as the BATH POOL.

Meanwhile, here's Buddy:

I thought it would be fun to put some treats in a bowl and float it in the water; see who would come try to get it:

 Who else?!

But watch what he does . . .

Lifts the bowl out of the pool . . . 

and dumps the treats in the grass . . . 

as he thinks he's taking it to a "safe" spot.

 Hannah sees the bowl:

Buddy follows the trail back to the treat spill at the pool:

And Hannah makes off with the bowl!

And she shreds it:

Here's Bingo:

Realizing that SOMETHING food-related has gone on, but not quite sure what!

In the Morning

I awoke to this fine orb weaver web:

The very considerate spider designed it to the side of the doorway so I wouldn't face-plant her web. When I first moved in five years ago, I walked through a spider web in the doorway three days in a row. On the fourth day, the web was over to the side. I guess all subsequent spider residents have gotten the memo. What's interesting about that first spider was that after that first week, she retreated to a corner of the doorway and wove herself into a very tight hammock-like structure. Two days later, Hurricane Isabela came roaring through!  Nature knows. 

Here's Buddy enjoying a post-breakfast snooze with a few toys:

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