Monday, February 13, 2017

Destruction, Snuggles, & Snoozes in The Offi

Buddy likes to pull things out of the Junk Journal box. Here's one of those page-a-day calendars with a beagle theme.  Delicious!

Reggie comes in:

Nom nom nom

Later, Bingo lies down amidst the debris:

Later, Buddy returns to do his yoga poses, but falls asleep:

Reggie takes this opportunity to hop up on the Meditation Chair:

Buddy is not having that!

Later, I looked down to see this:
NAUGHTY!  But first, lemme get a photo!

The Look of Confiscation:

Buddy is very nesty, but this time he REALLY nested up the duvet!

Later, Reggie curls up. 

As I was taking photos, Tabby Bobcat took the opportunity to usurp my chair:

Groom Fest.

I maneuvered him over to the ottoman, keeping him on top of the pillow. Because I value my hands.

Buddy getting extra snuggley. 

Somebody wants belly rubs! [Read with sing-songy voice].

This was a toy from Other Mommy Rita for my birthday. All new toys are taken outside where they are chewed up, buried, dug up and left in the elements. And THEN they find their way back inside!

Pictured out of harm's way, my labyrinth lap robe and a fuzzy, paw print blankie from O.M.Rita:


Here's Tabby asleeeeeeeep:
I like how he's saying "Mine," in his sleep:

Zzzzzzz . . . 

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