Monday, January 11, 2016

5 Dogs & A Cat Who Makes Himself Scarce

It's been such a WONDERFUL week with Bailey; such a sweet girl. She's gone back home. I'm going to miss her smiles and wags.  :-)  Here's the view out my office window:


Hannah Banana came for a vizzie for a coupla hours in the afternoon:

Buddy with his toy; I think that's Snoopy.
Bailey in the yard.
Buddy running with his toy.

Here's Hannah & Bailey in the back yard:

Buddy & Hannah

Bailey overlooking her domain, Hannah on the bed:

Hannah is a bundle of energy!

Play bow:

Here's Bingo:


Play bow again:

And then she sits . . . 

And then!

Milk Carton

Usually Reggie or Buddy take turns getting the empty half-and-half carton. But I gave the latest one to Bailey:

In her younger years, whenever her dad would leave the house, he had to put the trash can up and on the counter, out of reach. 

Barking at The Neighbors

Bailey & Reggie:

Sunday Afternoon

Buddy was on a digging kick:

 I'm going to have another post of just Bailey & Hannah because I took 312 photos this week! 
HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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