Monday, January 18, 2016

Diggin' and Snowin' and Lyin'

It's been a warm-ish week and then it ended on Sunday with SNOW! But first!  Some photos taken with my phone. Here's a cute photo of Buddy all snuggley in bed:

Because I just never have enough photos of Buddy being snuggley.

Here he is on my lap in my office:

And here's Bingo and Reggie spooning . . . sort of:

And now, to the fancy-pants camera and outside!

Whatchya got there, Buddy?

Is that a ball? 

Is that my dryer ball?!
"Dryer ball?"
"It was on the floor. It's a ball. Ipso de facto, therefore it's MINE."
 *le sigh*

Here's Bingo, daydreaming of catching squirrels in the woods:

Another day:
Bingo in the back, on the lookout for furry things. Reggie
looking at the camera,and Buddy is sniffing something.
 Reggie says hullo, Bingo looks into the woods:

"Whatchya want?"

Surveying the perimeter:


The Diggers

These two:

Reggie and Buddy, digging to Oz:

Reggie reminds me of Maggie with that dirt-nose-ring:

Saturday Night Peanut Butter Fest

Saturday night brought gun shots from the locals. Or fireworks; same difference. Because this is the south.   *le sigh*

Anyway, so I gave Kong toys with peanut butter to distract Bingo. But of course, everyone gets one! Afterwards, when all is quiet and the dogs have finished, I walk into the living room and find that Buddy is collecting all the kongs:

Bringing them onto the bed is universal dog language for "mine:"

Sunday Snow!

Here's Bingo trotting down the steps when it was first starting:



View out the kitchen window:

I love this shot because it shows the trail to Buddy & Reggie's spot for barking at the neighbor's dogs:

Bingo joins Buddy in the Sniff Fest:



Reggie in The Living Room

'member how I've been saying that Reggie is comfortable and relaxed enough to be on the sofa? But every time I get my camera, he slinks off before I can get a photo. Well. He's even more relaxeder:

I know, I know. He looks like a black blob! That's not the point. The point is: lookit how far he's come!!!  OMG. This is HUGE. Hah-UGE! Another thing that happened this weekend was I was in a hurry to get ready for a meeting at church, and I dashed out of the bedroom to the bathroom. Reggie was in the hallway. As I came out, I slowed down because I didn't want to startle him. He did sort of jump, but then he stayed. He didn't run away to his crate and cower. He stayed! Again, huge progress!

Back to the LR

Here's Buddy looking out the window:

Look at his back legs; he looks like a scupture:

Here he is on his descent:

 And then, he sat like this:

And stayed:

Later, I peek into the living room, and here's Buddy:

Just another Sunday afternoon.  :-)

HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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