Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dog Dragons

Megabattie is my favourite YouTube channel. Meg is a dedicated, tireless, flying fox bat rescuer. She posts the sweetest videos of her rescues. Not all the rescues end well; some bats have to be euthanized if they are too injured. They get caught on barbed wire, or in netting. Some get electrocuted on wire, and some have head injuries too severe to survive.

Unfortunately, there's a starvation thing happening right now in their habitat, so there is more rescuing going on. Babies fall off mothers who can't produce milk, and they are too weak to hold on. And that's where Megabattie comes in to save the day!

Tolga Bat Hospital is where they go when they're ready, after Meg's care. They also have a Facebook page you can follow for updates.

These bats remind me of my Bingo girl. Someone in a comment called these bats "dog dragons." An apt name. Here are a few pix of Bingo in "Bat Girl" pose:

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