Thursday, January 5, 2017

Meditation Chair

Buddy is partial to my Meditation  HIS Chair when he's in the office. Recently, Reggie has gotten brave and has jumped up!  And just last night, I sat with him. That would not have happened 3 years ago, when I first got him. Passing the three year mark has made him less skittish, and he continues to get more and more relaxed.

The photos aren't v. good; Reggie looks even more black-blobby!  I had to take them with my computer, because if I got up to get my camera, the moment would be lost.

Buddy trots in and sits down below assessing the situation:  
"Hmmm . . . he's at it again. In MY chair . . . oh well!"

And up he jumps:
Buddy, trying to get comfortable.
But then:

And then Reggie hops off eventually, and it's Buddy's domain once again:


Here's the other night when they were both sacked out:

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